Destiney’s Story

Destiney, a lifetime glasses-wearer, found that activities with her daughter Honor were less enjoyable due to her nearsightedness. Frequent headaches and blurry street signs had become the norm. She knew she would benefit from vision correction surgery, but struggled when it came to making the decision to go for it. With her daughter’s needs as her top priority, she worried about the cost of LASIK and how it might impact things she wanted for Honor. She also worried about the potential downtime after the procedure and how that would affect her parenting responsibilities. After her initial LASIK consultation, she was relieved to be able to put those fears to rest and take the leap to schedule her procedure.

The visual freedom she has experienced since her LASIK procedure has made Destiney’s ability to parent much easier and made even the smallest moments more enjoyable. She had no idea how many moments she was missing out on because her eyes couldn’t pick up on all the details. After her surgery, Destiney realized that her initial reservations about the procedure could not compare to the benefits she now shares with her daughter everyday, and her only regret was not having the procedure sooner!

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“Within four hours of my LASIK procedure, it was like I was a whole new person who hadn’t just had eye surgery that morning. I made Honor sit in front of me for way longer than she would have liked, but I couldn’t stop staring at her face and taking in every detail”

Destiney and her child in the city
Destiney and her daughter on a sidewalk
Destiney and her child at home
Destiney and her child at the pool
Destiney and her child at the lake
Destiney's vacation
Destiney and her child's shoes
Destiney and her daughter
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I highly recommend the doctors at The Eye Institute of Utah for LASIK. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the entire team and the facilities. They treat you with the utmost care & respect, and make your experience and results their top priority.”

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