Ophthalmologists exchanging instruments during cataract surgery.

Can You Get Cataract Surgery After Having LASIK?

Posted on Wednesday October 26, 2022 inLASIK

For people with eye disorders who have spent their lives squinting at signs, misplacing glasses, or feeling mistreated, vision surgery can be life-changing. This is why LASIK surgery has been increasingly popular over the last decade — the procedure can correct many common vision issues that require patients to rely on glasses and contact lenses. …

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A person wearing glasses with polarized lenses speaking to their ophthalmologist after LASIK surgery.

LASIK Recovery Timeline: What To Expect After Eye Surgery

Posted on Monday October 24, 2022 inLASIK

LASIK corrective eye surgery is often thought of as a very quick procedure with an equally fast recovery time. While it is true that the surgery itself only takes a matter of minutes, and you will likely see some immediate improvement in your vision, it’s essential to understand that full recovery from LASIK can take…

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An ophthalmologist tends to a recovering eye surgery patient — putting eyedrops in one of their eyes, as the other is bandaged.

After ICL Surgery: Do’s and Don’ts During Recovery Time

Posted on Thursday October 20, 2022 inVisian ICL

Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) Surgery, sometimes called Implantable Contact Lens surgery, is a vision correction procedure in which an artificial lens also known as a phakic IOL is implanted behind a patient’s iris and in front of the natural lens. Eye surgeons can use ICL surgery to treat refractive errors such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. …

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An ophthalmologist examines a patient’s eyes while their colleague assists on a medical computer.

ICL vs. IOL Surgeries: Is There a Difference?

Posted on Tuesday October 18, 2022 inIOLs, Visian ICL

Eye surgery can change many people’s lives, but the idea can seem daunting without an understanding of the different kinds of procedures and their risks. Two common procedures — IOL and ICL surgery — are used to treat a variety of vision conditions. ICL, short for implantable contact lens, is an artificial collamer lens implanted…

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A person sitting down for an eye exam while an optometrist points to a line on a Snellen eye chart in the background.

Is LASIK Right for Me? What Makes a Good LASIK Candidate

Posted on Friday October 14, 2022 inLASIK

LASIK surgery is a popular corrective vision option for many people. It helps create clearer vision while negating the need for contacts or glasses. For virtually all patients, LASIK is a permanent solution that improves nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Several factors help determine whether you’re a good candidate for LASIK surgery. We’ll explore the most…

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Man with his head in his hands at his desk

Tips for Breaking Out of a Career Rut

Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2022 inLatest News

If you’ve felt unproductive, exhausted, or complacent at work, you might be in a career rut — feeling stuck in your career without the satisfaction you need. Many people fall into a career rut during their working lives, particularly if they’ve spent years in the same position or fulfilled the same tasks. Career ruts can…

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Woman holding her head with an uncomfortable look on her face

Hidden Causes of Stress That Could Be Impacting Your Mental Health

Posted on Saturday October 1, 2022 inLatest News

Stress, particularly chronic stress, can impact mental and physical health in a variety of ways. Long-term stress is known to contribute to depression, anxiety, muscle tension, and other concerns. In some cases, stress can disturb sleep or even change the structure of the brain. Some stress factors are easily identifiable. For example, you might experience…

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Close up of an eye with futuristic glasses on

8 New Technologies That Are Turning Sci-fi Into Reality

Posted on Saturday September 24, 2022 inLatest News

Science fiction has a way of becoming a reality. What was once relegated to the pages of novels and comic books is now being developed in laboratories and workshops worldwide. As the understanding of the universe expands and technology improves, everyone is discovering that many things once thought impossible are now within reach. Here are…

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Happy older woman smiling at the camera

How To Look and Feel Younger Without Anti-aging Supplements

Posted on Monday September 12, 2022 inLatest News

As the world population continues to live longer, the quest for the fountain of youth is at the forefront of many people’s minds. From anti-aging supplements to plastic surgery, people will try just about anything. The problem with many of these methods is that they are either expensive or have potentially dangerous side effects. Anti-aging…

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An older adult sitting down to solve a crossword puzzle.

How To Maintain Memory and Concentration With Age

Posted on Thursday September 1, 2022 inLatest News

Maintaining memory and concentration can become more difficult with age. Age-related brain changes and cognitive changes can sometimes lead to declining memory performance, and make recall more difficult. Fortunately, keeping your body active can improve both your memory and concentration. In particular, a healthy diet and regular physical exercise can go a long way in…

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