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The entire team at Eye Institute of Utah is committed to providing patient care that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. For over 30 years, it has been our pleasure to help you maintain your eye health and improve your vision. We are honored when patients choose to share their experience at Eye Institute of Utah with the world. Your reviews and feedback remind us how important our work is and help us continue to improve our services.


Everyone was helpful, polite and caring. I would HIGHLY recommend the Eye Center. My vision hasn't been this good for years. Thank you for your astonishingly great care.


Very personalized and caring approach. Attention to detail and top notch science and expertise. Highly recommend the Eye Institute of Utah and all those that participated in making my surgery successful and seamless. Thank you!


What a great experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made sure I was comfortable before, during and after my procedure. I chose to have a lens replacement due to my extreme optical prescription. Having to live with glasses and contacts for over 50 years, the freedom from glasses and contacts is amazing ! The staff is top notch. I highly recommend the Utah Eye Institute, they truly know what they are doing and how to treat people.


It's been great my cataracts were removed and lenses in and I have had no problems. The next day I was seeing 20/20 a little blurry but it's been great. My wife has had eye issues for years and we love the care we get at the Eye Institute. All of the help is great and as helpful as they can be.


I had LASIK surgery here yesterday. The staff was awesome and it was a great experience. I went in on Tuesday for the consultation and had surgery by Friday. They were upfront about everything and have a lifetime warranty. I'm pretty sure I can see better than I could with glasses and my eyes haven't healed all the way yet. I didn't experience any discomfort or pain after. They exceeded my expectations and I really appreciated that my Dr. also let me know what to expect before each step of the process. It was an amazing life changing experience.


The surgery I had at The Eye Institute was a positive and comfortable. I had cataracts and the procedure was attended by a very friendly and professional staff. I have been to the facility before as was my wife who had the same procedure. We both would recommend considering the, for you eye care particularly if you live in Southern Utah. For cataract procedures they will do both eyes the same week and save the driving and overnight expense of 2 trips.


The whole experience was like no other. Wonderful. The doctor took all the time necessary to make me feel comfortable with the upcoming surgery. I also loved the eye boxes that I could get from the office and had all the medications, instructions and even dark glasses. I did not have to go to a pharmacy, got a better price and the right medications. I didn’t dream it could be so easy.


Receptionists so pleasant and efficient. Taken right in. Young lady was so nice and kind. Next one who came in with Dr. Zavodni was also pleasant and efficient. Dr. was quick, thorough, concerned. All in all an amazingly fine doctor's visit. I've been coming here for over 12 years and the service just keeps getting better. Good work everyone. Thank you.


They are very professional. I was especially impressed with Caroline. She was very thorough with the aspects of the exam. I did not learn anything new when Dr Carter examined my eyes. Both were very courteous and a pleasure to work with. You have a winning team with Caroline and Dr. Carter!!!!


The Eye Institute of Utah is a great place. The Staff and Doctors are absolutely friendly and explain everything in a way that makes you feel very comfortable. They are Rock Stars. I absolutely recommend this place.


I love how much these people care about MY eyes! The wait was short. The exam thorough and the doctor helpful. Could not ask for a better eye check up!


Everyone I interacted with was very kind to me and they were extremely knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and found specific details when they weren’t sure. They helped me understand what would be the best option for my eyes right now and in the future. I am confident in their knowledge and abilities to help my eyes.


It was a great experience for me at The Eye Institute of Utah. The greeting was welcoming and associates were professional and took care of all the necessary tests to evaluate my eyes in order to do the right treatment. The Eye Institute of Utah is on the top of my list for recommending to others.


They are so professional. They explain everything they are doing in understandable ways. They are detailed, efficient and on time. I will not go anywhere else for my eye care and would recommend them to anyone.


Dr Bretz and the whole staff from the check in point to the surgery were amazing. I would recommend the Eye Institute to anyone who needs eye needs. Thank you all for the best experience ever.