Win Free LASIK for a Deserving Parent in Your Life

Moms and dads throughout our community selflessly commit countless hours and resources to improve the lives of their family and friends. They rarely take time for themselves and never ask for anything in return. We are honored that we can return the favor by offering the gift of vision correction as a ‘thank you’ to four deserving parents.

Each spring, The Eye Institute of Utah gives you an opportunity to nominate the most amazing mom or awesomest dad you know for a life-changing procedure. Here are the details:

What Can I Win?

Winners receive FREE LASIK, PRK or ICL surgery from the vision correction experts at The Eye Institute of Utah! This prize is valued between $4,700 and $6,400, depending on the procedure.

Who Can Win LASIK?

Each year we reward 4 deserving parents (2 moms and 2 dads) with vision correction surgery.

How Can I Win LASIK?

Once someone nominates you for the Moms & Dads Giveaway, your friends and family will rally support for your nomination on social media. Winners are randomly selected, but the more nominations you receive from unique people, the greater your chances of winning will be.

When Can I Nominate Someone for the LASIK Giveaway Contest?

We typically launch our annual Moms & Dads LASIK Giveaway in April. The exact dates vary each year, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the know and get contest reminders.

Contest Winner Ashley’s PRK Story

Ashley won PRK at The Eye Institute of Utah in our 2016 contest. For this busy mom who starts her day at 6am, vision correction has enabled her to spend time with her kids without being distracted by the irritation of contact lenses.

Watch Ashley’s Story:

Contest Winner Chad’s LASIK Story

Chad was a 2017 winner of LASIK at The Eye Institute of Utah. This father of six enjoys being in nature and hiking, which is a lot easier with LASIK. He knows that time goes by quickly, and he’s thrilled to have improved vision to see his kids grow up.

Watch Chad’s Story:

Five Reasons Parents Need LASIK

The benefits of being less dependent on glasses or contacts appeal to lots of different people, but they are especially valuable for moms and dads. Some of the top benefits of LASIK for parents include:

  1. Streamline the Morning Routine Between breakfast, finding everyone’s shoes, signing permission slips, and getting to the bus stop on time, mornings with kids can get hectic. Save time you would spend searching for glasses or fumbling with contacts.
  2. Never Miss a Minute The little moments can make the best memories and they can’t be replicated. Don’t miss a first step, a sweet look, or a funny face because you were missing your glasses or contacts.
  3. Save Money The long term cost of contacts adds up and anyone who has had a pair of glasses accidentally destroyed by a toddler knows how expensive a good pair can be.
  4. Feel Safer Middle of the night emergencies can be scary for anyone, but they are extra stressful when you have little ones to worry about and you can’t see because you can’t find your glasses or need time to put your contacts in.
  5. Look Great Worrying about your appearance can take a backseat when you become a parent, but you deserve to look great and feel confident without glasses!

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