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What Can I do to Treat Dry Eye

Posted on Wednesday November 16, 2016 inDry Eye, Glaucoma, Latest News

The first step to finding the best treatment for eye irritations such as redness, burning, or light sensitivity is to undergo a dry eye examination to confirm a proper diagnosis. Once your eye doctor has verified that dry eye is the cause of your symptoms, he or she can tell you more specifically what is…

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Is it Seasonal Allergies or Dry Eye?

Posted on Wednesday November 2, 2016 inDry Eye, Glaucoma, Latest News

Most of us have experienced scratchiness, irritation, or a burning sensation in our eyes. Since dry eye syndrome and seasonal allergies are two of the most common conditions that can affect our eyes, it may be difficult to distinguish between them. In addition, both conditions may affect the eyes simultaneously, compounding the symptoms. Fortunately, at…

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ICLs – Look into this if you aren’t a candidate for LASIK

Posted on Saturday November 3, 2012 inDry Eye, Implantable Contact Lens, Latest News, Myopia, Visian ICL

If you’ve been told before that LASIK isn’t an option for you because you have severe myopia (nearsightedness), dry eye, or thin corneas then the Visian ICL may be a perfect fit for you.  The Visian ICL surgery is an out patient procedure typically lasting 15 minutes.

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Dr. Wolsey’s Role Reversal – Becoming a Patient

Posted on Saturday October 29, 2011 inDry Eye, Implantable Contact Lens, In The Media, Latest News, Visian ICL

I had been wearing contact lenses since I was 12 years old. Although I didn’t mind contact lenses, I had become more contact lens intolerant over the past five years becoming more dependent on my glasses. Many of my own patients seeking refractive surgery would ask me why I still wore glasses which was always…

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