Presbyopia Correction Discussed on KSL Studio 5

Dr. Robert Cionni was featured last week on KSL’s Studio 5 program.  He discussed all the options that are available today for people who suffer from poor or deteriorating vision.  One of the most common problems people have is the loss of their reading vision.  For people over the age of 45, even if you have had LASIK and enjoyed years of great vision, you may experience decreased near vision.  This is called presbyopia and it is a completely normal change that your eyes go through as they age.  Unfortunately LASIK is not always the answer for people who have become presbyopic.  However, now there are great new lens implants, called Multifocal IOLs, that allow correction for near, intermediate and distance vision.  The implants are very small and replace the aging, natural lens that sits inside your eye.  The procedure is exactly the same as cataract surgery and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.  This surgical procedure is the most commonly performed procedure today so you can feel confident in it’s effectiveness and safety. The doctors at The Eye Institute of Utah have been implanting these Multifocal IOLs for years in their patients and have more experience with these vision correction procedures than any other practice in Utah.

If you are over the age of 45 and want to know what your options are for vision correction, you should visit us for a comprehensive refractive consultation.  Our eye doctors will discuss the advantages of these presbyopia-correcting Multifocal IOLs and if they are right for you!