Utah Doctors Announce a Successful New Option for Treating Dry Eye Disease

Ground-breaking LipiFlow® System treats root cause of dry eye – blocked oil glands in eyelids – and helps bring patients symptom relief.

Salt Lake City, UT – Doctors and staff at The Eye Institute of Utah (EIU) are pleased to announce that numerous patients suffering from dry eye disease are finding symptom relief after being treated with the breakthrough, non-surgical treatment called the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System. The busy ophthalmology practice was one of the first in the Salt Lake region to begin offering LipiFlow® to patients in August of 2013. The dry eye team at EIU has already performed more than 90 treatments. Studies indicate that more than 86 percent of patients report a significant improvement in dry eye symptoms after the LipiFlow® treatment.¹

Dry eye disease affects more than 100 million people worldwide, the majority of which suffer from a form of the condition called evaporative dry eye. Common symptoms of dry eye include redness, soreness, watery eyes, grittiness, irritation, burning and eye fatigue. Being outdoors on a windy day, or other daily activities such as using the computer, reading, or wearing contact lenses can become difficult. Patients with dry eye often notice their symptoms can worsen throughout the day.

“Dry eye is extremely common, especially in the dry environment of the Intermountain West. People often suffer needlessly, never realizing that treatments exist that can significantly improve their symptoms,” explains Dr. Randy Carter, optometrist at The Eye Institute of Utah.

LipiFlow® is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from evaporative dry eye. Common remedies for dry eye symptom relief have traditionally included prescription drugs, warm compresses, and over-the-counter eye drops or ointments. As an alternative option, LipiFlow® is a new dry eye treatment that addresses the root cause of evaporative dry eye by unblocking clogged oil producing glands (meibomian glands) in the eyelids. As an alternative option, the new LipiFlow® System is a 12-minute, in office treatment that uses directed heat and massaging pressure to target the root cause of dry eye – blocked oil producing glands (meibomian glands) in the eyelids. The treatment works by opening up blocked glands and restoring healthy oil production in the tear film, thus preventing the rapid evaporation of tears that results in dry eye.

Not every person diagnosed with dry eye disease is a good candidate for LipiFlow®. Your doctor will perform a number of tests on your tear film and meibomian glands during a thorough dry eye evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for each individual. Patients who suffer from common dry eye symptoms who would like to learn more about the disease, treatment options and LipiFlow® are encouraged to attend an upcoming free patient seminar offered by The Eye Institute of Utah. Space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, please call The Eye Institute at 801-266-2283 to find out more information about the next event.

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¹ Lane SS, et al. A New System, the LipiFlow, for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Cornea 1/4/12

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