Utah Ophthalmologists Improve Vision During Cataract Surgery With New VerifEye™ Technology

Dr. Robert Cionni and the surgeons at The Eye Institute of Utah now utilize the ORA System® with the new VerifEye upgrade to achieve more accurate results for improved vision for cataract patients.

Salt Lake City, UT – The Eye Institute of Utah has once again upgraded its cataract surgery technology in a way the practice says can further ensure patients achieve improved vision after the procedure. With VerifEye technology added to the ORA System®, Dr. Robert Cionni and his fellow Salt Lake City eye surgeons, including Drs. Alan S. Crandall, Charles H. Weber, and Gregory A. Christiansen, say patients can expect more customized, precise vision results than ever before.

VerifEye is an upgrade to the Optiwave® Refractive Analysis System (ORA), which is considered by many to have been a significant advance for cataract surgery upon its release in 2011. Once a cataract has been removed, the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) in order to restore, and in many cases improve, distance vision. Before ORA with VerifEye, Dr. Cionni says eye surgeons had to select the IOL’s lens prescription based on measurements taken prior to cataract removal. Dr. Cionni says this sometimes made it difficult to precisely predict what the post-operative prescription might be, and thus led to corrections or enhancements that would need to be made after the initial cataract surgery. Using ORA with VerifEye, Dr. Cionni says ophthalmologists at the Salt Lake City eye surgery practice can now, for the first time, take vision measurements during surgery, enabling them to more accurately adjust and confirm the prescription in order to reduce the chances that the patient will need enhancements after their procedure.

Dr. Cionni, Medical Director of The Eye Institute of Utah, says the VerifEye upgrade provides continuous, real-time monitoring; ultimately improving the original Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) System and helping surgeons tailor and refine results even further. “I’ve always had great results with the ORA System®, and with the addition of VerifEye we’re now seeing LASIK-like results in cataract surgery. Of the VerifEye cases we’ve done to-date, 92 percent of patients were within .50 diopters of the intended target, which is truly remarkable.” Dr. Cionni says this new measurement tool, combined with LenSx® laser cataract surgery and advanced IOL’s, can further increase the chances of a reduced reliance on eyeglasses or contacts after treatment.

Dr. Cionni notes that one of VerifEye’s key benefits is its ability to continually monitor eye stability, since the eye must be steady in order for more precise measurements to be taken. The refractive feedback it displays throughout the procedure alerts surgeons when the eye is steady and ready to be measured, which can result in more accurate readings.

VerifEye’s increased image processing speed represents another upgrade over the original ORA System®. With double the processing power, Dr. Cionni says VerifEye provides faster, more accurate measurements, which in turn often yields more refined visual outcomes for The Eye Institute of Utah’s custom cataract surgery patients.

About The Eye Institute of Utah

The Eye Institute of Utah was founded more than 30 years ago, by Dr. Andrew Lyle, to serve as a comprehensive eye care facility for patients from areas across the Intermountain West. Today, Dr. Robert Cionni and the team of ophthalmologists at The Eye Institute of Utah offer an array of vision care options, including cataract surgery, custom lens-implant surgery with advanced technology intraocular lenses, Lipiflow dry eye treatments, LASIK, PRK, ICL, advanced glaucoma surgery, corneal transplantation, and other treatments designed to improve a variety of eye conditions and diseases. As one of the largest office-based eye surgical center in Utah, The Eye Institute of Utah also serves patients from Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Nevada at its 30,000-square foot Salt Lake City office. The Eye Institute of Utah surgeons are available for interview upon request.

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