Can I Have LASIK if I’m Pregnant?

belly of a pregnant woman

LASIK surgeons advise that pregnant women wait until a few months after childbirth before undergoing laser vision correction. When a woman is pregnant, her hormones change, and these alterations can make the outcome of LASIK surgery less dependable. Additionally, the medications that are often used to increase the patient’s comfort during the procedure can pose an unnecessary risk to the child. With oral medications, as well as the antibiotic and steroidal eye drops prescribed for LASIK recovery, the side effects for a developing child are still unknown. Therefore, it is safest for the child if mothers undergo the procedure after childbirth.

If you are interested in laser vision correction and are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, our eye doctors recommend making an appointment for an eye exam to determine the health of the eyes as well as to record a current vision prescription. A few months after childbirth, when your hormone levels have returned to normal, a second eye exam can be performed to ensure your vision prescription has remained stable. At that time, your candidacy for LASIK surgery can be accurately determined.

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