Does LASIK Hurt?

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With all of the recent advancements in LASIK technology, laser vision correction is more precise and more efficient than ever before. Prior to the procedure, the eyes are numbed using anesthetic eye drops, and patients are offered an oral sedative such as valium to help them relax. During the procedure itself, you should experience little to no pain. Though the eyes must be held open in order to complete the treatment, most of our patients report that the experience is similar to holding the eyelids while inserting a contact lens—a bit awkward but not uncomfortable.

After LASIK surgery, some itchiness, dryness, or mild irritation is normal. Prescription eye drops and artificial tears can keep the eyes lubricated and help facilitate the healing process. Within a few days, your eyes should feel back to normal and you can begin to enjoy improved vision without heavy reliance on corrective eyewear.

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